Vegan chocolate fudge torte / Veganska čokoladna puhasta torta

Vegan chocolate fudge torte

Prep time: 5 mins
Bake time: about 35 minutes + couple of hours cooling
Total time: min. 2 hours
Cuisine: Sweet things, cake, snack
Serves: 13 guests (…if you have another cake beside this one 😉

Ingredients for the cake: 

  • 5 tablespoons vegetable oil (plus extra for oiling)
  • 200 ml plant milk (I used rice milk)
  • 1 tablespoon cider vinegar
  • 250 g (1 2/3 cups) plain (all-purpose) flour
  • 50 g cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 225 g caster (superfine) sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt
  • 50 ml (2 1/2 tbsp) cold espresso coffee
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Ingredients for the icing:

  • 150 ml plant milk
  • 100 g dairy free chocolate broken into pieces
  • 2 tablespoons agave nectar or maple syrup or other sweetener (or more to taste)


  1. Heat the oven to 180 ˚C. Oil a cake tin and line the base with baking paper.
  2. Mix together the milk and vinegar and set aside. In a mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, cocoa powder, bicarbonate of soda, sugar and salt.
    In a separate bowl, combine the vegetable oil, coffee, vanilla and the milk mixture, which will have curdled and slightly thickened by now.
  3. Gradually stir the wet ingredients into the dry, whisking to remove any lumps. Scrape into the prepared tin and bake for 25 – 30 minutes, or until the top feels firm.
  4. Leave to stand in the tin for 5 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool.
  5. To make the icing, heat the milk in a small pan until almost boiling. Remove from the heat and add the chocolate. Stir until all the chocolate is melted and the mixture smooth. Add the 2 tablespoons agave or maple syrup or other sweetener (less or more to taste). Set aside for 10 minutes to thicken slightly.
  6. When the cake is completely cool, sit it on rack over a baking tray or board to catch any icing that runs off. Pour the icing over the cake, smoothing it around the side. Leave the icing to set before serving, or serve immediately.

Tip: I added the secret ingredient before icing the cake! 😉 Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator up to 3 days (btw good luck with that).

P.S.: I found this recipe in a book Easy vegan, author Sue Quinn.

Bon appetit!  🙂

Until next time I would like to share with you my personal affirmation: I START AND ENDURE

Veganska čokoladna puhasta torta

Čas priprave:5 min
Čas pečenja: približno 35 minut + nekaj ur za hlajenje
Skupen čas: min. 2 uri
Št. porcij: 13 gostov (…če imaš poleg te še kakšno torto 😉

Sestavine za torto: 

  • 5 žlic rastlinskega olja brez okusa (in dodatno za pekač)
  • 200 ml rastlinskega mleka (jaz sem uporabila riževo)
  • 1 žlica jabolčnega kisa
  • 250 g (1 2/3 skodelice) navadne (večnamenske) moke
  • 50 g kakava v prahu
  • 1 žlica sode bikarbone
  • 225 g (fino mletega) sladkorja v prahu
  • 1/2 čajna žlička fino mlete morske soli
  • 50 ml (2 1/2 žlice) hladne espresso kave
  • 1 1/2 čajne žličke ekstrakta vanilije

Sestavine za glazuro:

  • 150 ml rastlinskega mleka
  • 100 g na manjše koščke nadrobljene (veganske) čokolade brez mleka
  • 2 žlici agavinega nektarja ali javorjevega sirupa ali drugega sladila po želji (manj ali več po okusu)


  1. Pečico segrejemo na 180 °C. Naoljimo pekač za torto in ga obložimo s peki papirjem.
  2. Zmešamo mleko in kis ter mešanico damo na stran. V posodi za mešanje zmešamo moko, kakav v prahu, sodo bikarbono, sladkor in sol.
  3. V drugi posodi zmešamo olje, kavo, vanilijev ekstrakt in kislo mleko (mešanico mleka s kisom od prej, ki se je že nekoliko zgostilo).
  4. Postopoma vmešamo mokre sestavine v suhe in med dodajanjem ves čas mešamo, da preprečimo nastajanje grudic. Maso postrgamo v pripravljen obložen pekač in pečemo približno 25 – 30 minut, oz. da postane zgornji del čvrst na dotik.
  5. Pečeno torto pustimo stati v pekaču še 5 minut,nato obrnemo testo na rešetke za torto in pustimo, da se ohladi.
  6. Glazuro pripravimo tako, da mleko v segrejemo skoraj do vretja, odstavimo s štedilnika in dodamo čokolado. Mešamo, dokler se čokolada popolnoma ne stopi in mešanica postane enotna. Dodamo agavin sirup ali sladilo po želji (oz. več ali manj po okusu). Glazuro damo na stran za približno 10 minut, da se nekoliko zgosti.
  7. Popolnoma ohlajeno pečeno testo damo na rešetke za torto in vse skupaj postavimo na pekač ali desko, da ujame višek glazure, ki bo stekel mimo. Torto oblijemo z glazuro in jo na robovih zgladimo. Pred serviranjem počakamo, da se glazura usede in še malce strdi ali pa po želji takoj postrežemo.

Nasvet: Jaz sem dodala skrivno sestavino preden sem torto oblila z glazuro! 😉 Torto hranimo v pokriti posodi v hladilniku do 3 dni (če bo seveda zdržala tako dolgo, preden jo pohrustate, ker je res božanska ;).

P.S.: Recept sem našla v knjigi Easy vegan, avtorice Sue Quinn.

Pa dober tek!

Do prihodnjič vas pozdravljam z osebno mislijo: ZAČNEM IN VZTRAJAM

Intermittent fasting experiment / eksperiment z intermitentnim postom (oz. dnevnim postom ali s prekinitvami)

Intermittent fasting experiment

In the begging of August 2016 I stopped smoking. At the same time I started a new student job as a long distance van driver and that ment I was constantly on the road all over Slovenia and Europe. After 3 months I was shocked because I’ve gained 5 kilos without really noticing.

I am vegan since 2012 and because of bad experiences with vegan offer at gas stations I prepared my food beforehand (that means healthy cooked meals and salads) as much as I could, I always took loads of fresh fruit and nuts/trail mixes with me (just in case) or bought some (maybe not so healthy alternatives) in the store – I have to say that as a vegan I was and still am used to eat a big quantity of food! Beside that I regularly exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes (if I go running) or up to 1 hour and a half if I go to fitness, I walk my dog practiaclly every day and I go to sauna every week in colder months!

I constantly educate myself about food and nutrition for the last 5 years and I’m not joking that I have a lot of knowledge about food and I couldn’t understand and get my head around/figure out why I gained so much weight so I started researching more in depth about food and how our bodies react to it. I was puzzled…until I accidentally found an article about intermittent fasting. That opened my eyes and I related to it immediately! It’s not because of science behind it, but it’s common sense! I have eaten (more or less) like that for the last few years since I went vegan and I lost weight without effort or feeling hungry, even though I ate a LOT of vegan junk food and never experienced such massive weight gain. It all made sense all of the sudden!

Since I started that driving job, I simultaneously started to eat 5 or 6 meals a day (well 2 meals, the rest were more snacks than meals) and the amount of calories was the same (a lot of times even less). My meals were mostly healthier than befor. Bottom line is that the thinghs that changed was more meals and also my sleeping bio-rhythm was ruined (yes, sleeping is important for your regeneration). All of that resulted in gaining 10 kilograms by the end of December 2016. I was doing everything right because I followed the dietary advices from ‘food experts which was based on scientific facts’, healthy carbs were often on my menu (we all need complexs carbs through the whole day 5-6 times to fuel our brain, right?), my calorie intake was not to high, it was usually lower than before…or so I thought. Because of so many changes happening at the same time, stress, smoking cessation, food changes, in my opinion my digestion slowed down and my hormones are a little off, I was feeling nervous, bad, hungry all the time…and first I want to fix that with something as simple and inexpensive as intermittent fasting.

Just to clear something out, I’m not very overweight and most of the people around me didn’t even noticed that I gained weight (maybe that’s because I am doing more weight trainings now and I gained a little bit of muscles). I just want to get to my original goal weight because that is the weight at which I feel my best.

My results after 1 week is minus 3 kilos. If that isn’t convincing… I have to say I also feel better, have more energy, less mood swings, my skin cleared from acne, my hair is less greasy, I am not bloated (and have smelly gas) anymore…plus I don’t feel hungry all the time like i did before, even if I don’t eat as much! I eat 2 or 3 meals a day, 2000 or more kcals/day, no snacking, I’m also carb cycling at the same time to balance my hormones and I feel better!

Let me wrap this up with my final thoughts about intermittent fsting and carb cycling. I have to to experiment on myself first and use this concepts of eating a little bit longer before I can recommend it to anyone (I belive in practices what you preach!) but so far it is working perfectly and I’ll keep you posted! This is not starving yourself and not eating all day or few days, it is yust having less meals! I also think this might not be for everyone. The best way is to do your own research, educate yourself, broaden your mind. You can contact me if you have any questions regarding intermittent fasting. 🙂

Until next time I would like to share with you my personal affirmation: I START AND ENDURE!

Eksperiment z intermitentnim postom (oz. dnevnim postom ali s prekinitvami)

Social experiment: if you are not on FB…you don’t exist / Socialni experiment: če nisi na FB…ne obstajaš

Social experiment: if you are not on FB…you don’t exist

Some say if you are not on FB that you don’t exist…hmmm, let me think about that! I have 418 ‘friends’ on FB (ironically if you put the numbers together the result is 13…and today is Friday the 13th!). Last year I have decided, that I don’t want my FB so called friends wish me happy birthday, just because FB remindes them to and that was the reason I have made my birthday info privat!

Recently I was celebrating my birthday and 11 people wished me a happy birthday (half of that was my family!) on my birthday and 2 people remembered the next day (still counts, because at least they remembered!)…together that is 13 (again!)! I don’t care about birthday wishes and I rather get none that to get 100 or more fake ones, but this got me thinking about our sociaety. We live in a digital world and we are all so busy that we don’t even think about other people and remember just 1 day in their lives that count (at least to them) in a year to wish them all the best for their birthday, at least if our FB doesn’t remind us of that (I admit, I am guilty of that too!).

Ok, let put this birthday topic aside, because the main thing I want to talk about is my every day, things that I do or want to do, wishes I have, dreams I pursue…basically MY LIFE! All my life I have been listening to advises and opinions that other people gave me, thinking that they want the best for me, doing what others said I should or should’t do, trying to fit the norms and so on…and now I am asking myself why, for what and mostly for who? I should have only listen to advises coming from myself and from people that really love me and care about me and not giving a fuck what others think! People don’t really care! We live in an era of 100 or 1000 or even more internet ‘friends’ and no mater what, when, how or why you do something, even if it is for a noble and purest cause or your best intention, there are alway people talking bad about you and contradicting what you do…and from now on I will always listen to myself and people that really care about me and I will do what I WANT! I am not perfec…I am still learning, evolving and changing constantly, but the way of thinking, feeling and living is what define and make me who I am as an INDIVIDUAL and it is set based on an enviroment and society in general that I live in, my eating habbits, people I had, have and will have around me (familiy, friends, companions, co-workers), pets, looks, believes, religion, mistakes I made and will make, actions I took and will take, lessons I’ve learned and that still await for me ahead…all that sculptured me into a person I am today and the person I will become…all that is ME!

There will always be hatters and people contradicting you, no matter what you do, when you do it and how you do it. The worst enemy for self evolving lies within you! All it matters is that you do what you do for yourself, not for anybody else, just do it if it makes you happy! Live your life, dreams and wishes to the fullest! Limitations live only in your mind and if you use imagination and take actions, only sky is your limit and your possibilities become LIMITLESS!

P.S.: Thit is a letter I wrote to myself! I think this is the perfect topic to think about on this Friday the 13th. In this crazy world, where everything is so fast, instatnt and mindles…just STOP, take a step back, look at my life from a distance and/or another perspective, a little bit more mindfully, objectively and down to earth and think about social and cultural believes and dogmas, people I have around me, society I live in…and just start using my own brain / thinking with my own head, because that is a reason I have it!

My message would be: As long as you don’t hurt anyone…FOLLOW YOUR FUCKING DREAMS! PEACE!


Until next time I would like to share with you my personal affirmation: I START AND ENDURE!

Socialni experiment: če nisi na FB…ne obstajaš

petek 13!

Nekateri pravijo, da če te ni na FB pač ne obtajaš…hmmm, naj pomislim! Na FB imam 418 ‘prijateljev’ (ironično, a če te številke seštejemo dobimo vsoto 13…danes pa je ravno petek 13.!). Že lansko leto sem se odločila, da ne želim, da mi FB tako zvani prijatelji zaželijo vse najboljše za moj rojtni dan le zato, ker jih FB opomni na to, zato sem podatek o rojstnem dnevu iz javnega spremenila v privatnega!

Pred kratkim sem imela rojstni dan in na ta dan dobila 11 čestitk (polovica od tega je bila od moje družine!), 2 čestitki pa dan za tem (še vedno šteje, ker sta se vsaj spomnila!)…skupno torej 13 (spet!)! Vseeno mi je za čestitkein raje ne dobim nobene, kot da dobim 100, 1000 ali celo več nepristnih, ampak to mi je dalo misliti o današnji družbi. Živimo v digitalnem svetu in vsi smo tako zaposleni, da se sploh ne spomnimo na druge, niti na ta 1 dan v letu, ki šteje oz. je pomemben (vsaj njim), da bi jim zaželeli vse najboljše ob rojtnem dnevu, torej vsaj če nas FB ne obvesti o tem (priznam, tudi sama sodim sem!).

Ok, pa pustimo rojstni dan ob strani, kajti glavna tema o kateri želim govoriti je moj vsakdan, stvari, ki jih počnem ali hočem početi, želje, ki jih imam, sanje katerim sledim…se pravi MOJE ŽIVLJENE! Že celo svoje življenje sem poslušala ‘dobronamerne’ nasvete in mnenja, ki sem jih dobila od drugih, za katere sem verjela, da mi želijo dobro, delala, kar so drugi mislili, da je ali ni prav, se trudila živeti po družbenih normah in standardih… sedaj pa se sprašujem zakaj, za kaj in predvsem za koga? Poslušati bi morala samo sebe in nasvete od  ljudi, ki me imajo zares radi in se ne ozirati na vse ostale, kaj oni pravijo in mislijo! Ostalim ni zares mar! Živimo v dobi 100, 1000 ali več internetih ‘prijateljev’ in ne glede na to kaj, kdaj, kako in zakaj narediš nekaj, vedno se najde nekdo, ki ti nasprotuje, grdo govori o tebi…večina teh se skriva za zidovi, so anonimni ali podajajo svoja ‘resnična’ kritična mnenja pod namišljenimi imeni in identitetami, živijo ‘resnične’ sanje…in od sedaj naprej bom zato poslušala samo sebe in ljudi, ki jim je zares mar zame ter delala KAR ‘ČM in KOKR ‘ČM! Nisem popolna…še vedno se učim, razvijam in spreminjam, ampak način, kako razmišljam, čutim in živim me definira kot INDIVIDUM in bazira na okolju in družbi v kateri živim, mojih prehranskih navadah, ljudeh ki sem jih, jih imam in jih bom imela okoli sebe (družina, prijatelji, sodelavci in širša družba), hišnih ljubljenčkih, zunanjem izgledu, prepričanjih, veri, napakah, ki sem jih in jih še bom naredila, odločitvah, ki sem jih in jih bom sprejemala,  lekcijah iz katerih sem se kaj naučila in stvareh, ki me še čakajo v prihodlosti…vse to me je oblikovalo v osebo, kakršna sem danes in me bo oblikovalo še naprej v osebo, kakršna še bom postala…vse to sem JAZ!

Vedno bodo obstajali ljudje, ki ti nasprotujejo, ne glede na to, kaj, kdaj, kako in zakaj počneš karkoli. Važno je, da ne delaš česarkoli za ali zaradi korgarkoli drugega, ampak da delaš kar te veseli in da to delaš zase! Največji sovražnik za lasten napredek si edino in izključno sam sebi! Živi svoje življenje, sanje in želje na polno! Omejitve živijo samo v naših glavah in če uporabiš svojo domišljijo in greš v akcijo, je le nebo tvoja meja in tvoje (z)možnoti postanejo BREZMEJNE!

P.S.: To je pismo, ki sem ga napisala in posvetila sebi! Mislim, da je tema popolna za današnji petek 13.! V tem norem svetu, kjer se vse dogaja tako hitro, instant in brez razmišljanja…se samo USTAVI, stopi korak nazaj, poglej svoje življenje z distance in/ali z druge perspektive, malo bolj z zavedanjem in pozornostjo, objektivno, prizemljeno in razmisli o socialnih in kulturnih prepričanjih in dogmah, ljudeh, ki te obdajajo, družbi v kateri živiš…in preprosto začni uporabljati svoje možgane, razmišljati s svojo glavo, zato jo tudi imaš!

Moje sporočilo je: Dokler nikomur ne škoduješ…SLEDI SVOJIM ‘FAKING’ SANJAM! ZEN!

Do prihodnjič vas pozdravljam z osebno mislijo: ZAČNEM IN VZTRAJAM!

Vegan gluten-free buckwheat chocolate cookies / Veganski brezglutenski ajdovi čokoladni piškoti

Vegan gluten-free buckwheat chocolate cookies

Veganski brezglutenski ajdovi čokoladni piškoti

Mokre sestavine:

  • 4 zrele banane
  • 2 jedilni žlici rastlinskega mleka (ovseno, riževo, sojino… lahko pa tudi navadna voda)
  • 1 ravna jedilna žlica lanenih ali chia semen ali mešanice (lahko spustimo)

Postopek: V skledi z vilicami pretlačiš banane in zmešaš z napitkom ali vodo in semeni.


Suhe sestavine: 

  • 2 skodelici ajdove moke (ali druge brezglutenske moke oz. po želji lahko uporabimo tudi moko z glutenom)
  • 1 ravna čajna žlička vinskega kamna, pecilnega praška, sode bikarbone… (lahko spustimo)
  • 1 skodelica mletih mandljev, lešnikov, orehov…
  • 1 skodelica kokosove moke (namesto kokosove moke lahko uporabimo samo mandlje, npr. 2 skodelici mletih mandljev ali obratno)
  • 2 zvrhani jedilni žlici kakava v prahu ali rožičeve moke
  • 1/2 skodelice kokosovega sladkorja oz. po okusu več oz. manj, če uporabimo sladke sestavine (npr. zrele banane, sladkan rižev napitek, rožičeva moka)
  • 1/2 stroka vanilije ali vanilijevega sladkorja

Postopek: Vse suhe sestavine zmešaš v drugi skledi (zaporedje ni pomembno).



Priprava piškotov: 

  1. Zmešamo obe skledi, tako da suhe sestavine počasi dodajamo mokrim (ali obratno) in počasi mešamo z vilicami, žlico ali spatulo.
  2. Ko se masa začne sprijemati jo začnemo gnesti z roko in gnetemo toliko časa, da se vse sestavine lepo povežejo in testo celo postane malo mokr0. Če je testo presuho, dodamo malo vode ali mleka.
  3. Iz mase oblikujemo kroglice in jih razporedimo na pekač, ki smo ga obložili s papirjem za peko.
  4. Z mokro jedilno žlico pritisnemo kroglice ob pladenj, da jih sploščimo in dobijo obliko čokoladnih piškotov.
  5. Brezglutenske ajdove čokoladne piškote pečemo v pečici na 180 °C približno 10 minut (če so bolj mokri se bodo pekli kakšno minuto več).

Nasvet: Če so piškoti pečeni preverimo tako, da odpremo pečico in z zobotrebcem ali lopatko obrnemo piškot (pazimo, ker so vroči!). Pečeni so, če je na spodnji strani temneji krog. Če kroga ne vidimo pa pustimo piškote še kakšno minuto in jih ponovno preverimo.
Pa dober tek! 🙂

Do prihodnjič vas pozdravljam z osebno mislijo: ZAČNEM IN VZTRAJAM

Vegan walnut potica / Veganska orehova potica

Veganska orehova potica

To je moj preverjen tradicionalni recept, po katerem  delam orehovo potico vsako leto za božične in tudi druge družinske praznike, odkar sem jo začela peči sama (se pravi že 5. let0) in mi vsakič uspe!

Sestavine za dve potici (ali eno veliko):


  • 0,5 kg polnovredne moke (350 g presejane (lahko tudi nepresejane) polnozrnate moke in 150 g ajdove ali polovico polnozrnate pšenične in polovico pirine ali pa samo polnozrnate, kar pač imate doma)
  • 1,5 dag kvasa
  • 1 majhna žlički soli
  • naribana lupinica neškropljene (bio) limone
  • 80 g hladno stiskanega  stopljenega kokosovega olja (ali sončničnega oz. drugega okusnega olja9
  • 80 g (oz. več ali manj po okusu) svetlega trsnega sladkorja (da bo testo čim bolj svetlo)
  • cca. 250 ml mlačnega rastlinskega mleka (priporočam sveže doma narejeno ovseno, sojino mleko, mleko iz namočenih oreščkov ali kokosovo)
  • 2-3 žlice ruma (lahko izpustimo)


  • 40 dag mletih orehov
  • žlica kokosovega olja bio-margarine (veganske)
  • žlička cimeta v prahu
  • majhna skodelica rozin
  • 1,5 skodelice vrelega rastlinskega mleka
  • cca. 3 žlice oz. 1/3 skodelice rjavega trsnega sladkorja, javorjevega sirupa ali medu (po želji)
  • 1,5 žlice melase (lahko izpustimo, a potem lahko dodamo nekoliko več izbranega sladila)



Najprej zamesimo testo:

  1. V skodelico mlačnega mleka nadrobimo kvas, dodamo žličko sladkorja in žlico moke. Ko malo naraste, ga dodamo moki. Dodamo še ostale sestavine. Mleko prilivamo previdno, po potrebi.
  2. Premešamo s kuhalnico in nato zamesimo testo z roko, zgnetemo z mešalcem (uporabimo vilice za testo) ali damo vse sestavine v mesilno posodo in zamesimo, če imamo stroj za mesenje.
  3. Mleko dolivamo po potrebi.
  4. Če je testo premehko, dodamo malo moke.
  5. Testo pokrijemo s čisto kuhinjsko krpo in pustimo vzhajat tako dolgo, da se volumen podvoji (približno kakšno uro).

Nasvet #1: Če potico delamo prvič, prosite nekoga izkušenega za pomoč, da nam pove kdaj je testo primerno trdo ali mehko.

Nasver #2: Nadev in tudi testo sladimo po okusu in če želimo, lahko sladkor tudi opustimo in namesto tega dodamo nekaj suhega sadja, kot so suhe fige, datlji ali uporabimo več rozin.

Med vzhajanjem testa pripravimo nadev:

  1. Rozine preberemo in namočimo za 5 minut v vroči vodi, rahlo posoljeni vodi, nato jih odcedimo.
  2. Zavremo mleko in v njem raztopimo sladkor, margarino oz. kokosovo olje in melaso (oz. izbrane sestavine).
  3. Z vrelim mlekom poparimo mlete orehe. Dodamo ostale sestavine po svojem okusu. Nadev mora biti gost, a še mazav.
  4. Nadev ohladimo preden nadevamo testo.


Naredimo potico:

  1. Vzhajano razdelimo na pol (če delamo 1 potico uporabimo celo testo) in polovico testa damo na pomokan prt.
  2. Z roko ga oblikujemo v pravokotnik in ga razvaljamo čimbolj v obliko pravokotnika na velikost, ki se ujema s širino pekača oz. 2 cm več in debelino malo manj kot 1 cm.
  3. Na testo enakomerno razporedimo nadev od roba do roba in kjer bomo končali zavijanje, pustimo približno za en zavoj nenamazanega testa.
  4. Zvitek preložimo v namaščen pekač (uporabimo olje ali margarino), ki ga lahko potresemo še z moko (ni nujno).
  5. Enako ponovimo z 2. polovico testa, če delamo 2 potici.
  6. Zvitka potice večkrat prepičimo z lesenim nabodalom ali debelejšo pletilko.
  7. Potico v pekaču damo v hladno pečico, ki jo vklopimo na 50°C in pustimo 30 minut, da potica vzhaja.
  8. Nato povišamo temperaturo na 175°C in pečemo približno 50-60 minut oz. tako dolgo, da je potica pečena. Čas peke je odvisen od debeline zvitkov oz. zvitka.
  9. Pečeni potici (ali potico) vzamemo iz pečice in pokrijemo s prtičem (priporočam, da ga rahlo navlažimo).
  10. Po 20 do 30 minutah potici prevrnemo na prt oz. mehko podlago, pokrijemo in ohladimo.
  11. Hladno potico najlažje razrežemo na deski z nožem za kruh.

Vsem želim vesel božič in lepe praznike z obloženo mizo polno (predvsem veganskih dobrot) in seveda dober tek! 🙂

Do prihodnjič vas pozdravljam z osebno mislijo: ZAČNEM IN VZTRAJAM!

Savory vegan zucchini polenta pastry / Slano vegansko pecivo iz bučk in polente

Savory vegan zucchini polenta pastry

Prep time: 20 mins
Bake time: 30 – 35 mins
Total time: 55 mins
Cuisine: Lunch, snack
Serves: 4-6

  • 2 tbsp ground flaxseed + 6 tbsp water
  • 1 medium zucchini, grated  (squeezed the water out)
  • 1 cup polenta
  • 1 cup oat flour
  • 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • ¼ cup chopped leeks
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ cup unsweetened rice milk
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil, melted
  1. Preheat oven to 200°C (400F). Line a pan parchment paper and set aside.
  2. Place flax seeds and water in a small bowl. Set aside to “gel” for a few minutes.
  3. Chop the ends off zucchini, peel and grate it. Put in a bowl and mix grated zucchini with salt for 10 minutes, than place it in a strainer or seive to drain. Use your hands to squeeze out any extra water from the zucchini.
  4. Place polenta, oat flour, nutritional yeast, baking powder, baking soda, garlic powder, salt, and a few grinds of pepper in a large bowl. Stir or use your fingers to combine.
  5. Add flax mixture, rice milk and melted coconut oil. Stir until just combined.
  6. Fold in zucchini and green onions.
  7. Spoon into lined pan. Bake for 30-35 minutes, or until a knife inserted into the center comes out clean.

Tip: Store in an air-tight container in the refrigerator up to 3 days.

Bon appetit!  🙂

Until next time I would like to share with you my personal affirmation: I START AND ENDURE

Slano vegansko pecivo iz bučk in polente

Life lessons from sauna / Življenske modrost iz savne

Ze 3 leta redno hodim v savno in običajno se ne pogovarjam ravno veliko, če pa se kdo zraven pogovarja večinoma  bolj poslušam kot govorim…a danes je bilo malo drugače…
Med savnanjem v infrardeči savni je poleg prisedel gospod in prijazno pozdravil. Zatem je komentiral, da jutri pa gremo delat in pritrdila sem mu. To je bil uvod v zanimiv polurni pogovor v katerega sva se nato zapletla in vanj vpletla se starejši par, ki se nama je vmes pridružil.
Na kratko je povedal zgodbo o tem, da je že upokojen, ampak kljub temu dela vsak dan oz. pomaga pri delu, kako gre redno na kavico s prijateljico, a živi sam že 10 let in mu je to popolnoma v redu, kljub temu, da mu vsi govorijo naj si najde partnerico, a ne vidi razloga zakaj, niti potrebe po tem. Navajen je živeti in skrbeti zase. Ima 2 odrasla otroka, ki živita samostojno, eden z družino, drugi pa sam, po očetu je dejal v šali. Bil je neverjetno pozitiven.
Ko se nama je pridružil še starejši par smo se dotaknili življenskih tem in sogovornikom sem prepustila, da vodijo pogovor v želeno smer. Govorili smo npr. o destvu, da vse čaka smrt. Mnenja so bila deljena, ko je tema nanesla na pogreb in sicer, da naj bi vsak ‘prišparal’ zanj oz. da za to ni potrebe, ker zgoraj niso še nikogar pustili in da ko umpreš tako ali tako ne veš. To nas je nato napeljalo še na pogovor o duhovnikih in na koncu o veri.

Glavno sporočilo je bilo, da vsi umremo, a vmes ne smemo pozabiti živeti ter da se ne splaca šparat na račun tega, da sebe prikrajšamo v življenju, saj je treba uživati, kar je bistveno.

Zanimivo se mi je zdelo, kam vse nas je peljala pot pogovora, saj sem ravno danes imela sanje o pokopališču (na kar sem se spomnila ob pogovoru) in kako sem tam iskala svoj nahrbtnik, za katerega sem se na koncu sanj spomnila, da sem ga spravila drugam in ga tudi našla, in sicer v omari hiše ob pokopaliscu. Vcasih se cudim nakljucjem in se mi zdi, da naša podzavest kar nekako ve, kam nas bo peljala pot življenja…

Do prihodnjič vas pozdravljam z osebno mislijo: ZAČNEM IN VZTRAJAM